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Art DECO District of South Beach


Ocean Drive Art Deco DistrictThe very name of the area conjures up images of bikini-clad beach bunnies, golden sands warmed in the south Florida sun and the gentle lapping of the crystalline waves on the beach – South Beach Miami. However, even in this famed stronghold of style, fashion, and incredible nightlife, some areas stand head and shoulders above the rest. For instance, South Beach’s famed Art Deco District is an amazing wonderland of pastel colors, whimsical shapes, and incredible experiences.The area wasn’t always such a magnet for enjoyment, though. While its roots lie in the same splendor and pomp that the area enjoys today, during the intervening years, the Art Deco District, and much of South Beach, in general, underwent an incredible decline. Many buildings stood abandoned, giving drug dealers and criminals the perfect place to ply their trade. South Beach was even one of the backdrops for the TV show Miami Vice, which showed the area in almost true-to-life grittiness.

That all changed in the 1980s, though, with the effort to have an entire square mile of South Beach placed on the National Register of Historic Places. When this designation was finally won, the area began to undergo an incredible resurgence in popularity, with the renovation, restoration and an influx of new residents. Currently, the Art Deco area of South Beach is home to the largest number of historical Art Deco condo buildings in the world.

Today, the Art Deco District of South Beach is famous for the incredible number of national and international businesses located in the area, as well as for the incredible architecture found throughout the district. One of the first businesses to make inroads into the area was Irene Marie Models, Florida’s first full-service modeling company. The area also stands as one of the major hubs for South Beach’s incredible social life – nightlife is more than plentiful here and visitors can find something entertaining, relaxing and enjoyable to partake in even during the daylight hours.As is befitting such a locale, the area of South Beach, and the Art Deco District, in particular, is one of the most popular areas for national and international tourists. Visitors will find an enormous European population base, both long and short-term vacationers and travelers. This has helped to cement the South Beach area as one of the most popular “go-to” destinations in the world and has directly led to the area’s reputation and one of the most refined and enjoyable spots on earth.

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