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Surfside Real Estate Market Starting to Grow Quickly

Surfside is a relatively small and quiet community tucked away in South Florida. The perfect location of this little town is what really makes it such a standout from a real estate perspective. It is right between two of the most popular spots in Florida – Miami Beach and Bal Harbour. The proximity to the beach, as well as popular locations, helps to make it an excellent place to call home.

Shorter Buildings Are Not Short on Luxury

One of the things that most buyers will note when they start looking at the condominium properties in Surfside is that high-rise condo buildings are non-existent. That is entirely on purpose. In Surfside, there is a regulation stating that the buildings cannot be more than twelve stories high. This helps to keep the buildings at a decent height without them overcrowding and taking over the skyline, which is unlike so many other areas of Miami, where large buildings are cutting off the views of the buildings and homes behind them. Those who move to Surfside will find that this is not an issue.   Even though the buildings are only a maximum of twelve stories high, that does not take away from any of the style or the luxury that these buildings offer. In fact, it tends to do the opposite. Since the designers, architects, and builders are working on a different scale than they are in many other parts of Miami, it means that they are finding ways to innovate and make the properties different, while keeping luxury firmly in mind. They might not be as tall as those other buildings are, but they are just as luxurious.

Top Reasons Surfside Real Estate is Growing Today

No single reason is causing the real estate boom in Surfside today. Rather, it is a combination of a number of different things. Together, these reasons are getting more people interested in the area, and that is making the developers far more interested as well, as evidenced by the increasing number of luxury developments going up in the area such as Surf Club Four Seasons, Chateau Ocean and 95th on the Ocean which are redefining the area. First, the time is right for the next big boom in the market. People are doing better today economically than they were a couple of years ago, and affluent home owners are looking for luxury properties in Miami as permanent homes as well as for vacation properties. Second, people want to own property on the beach, and there simply isn’t any more space for single-family properties in Miami to be on the ocean. The condominiums help to provide people with a beachfront home they want, and they get more than they would with a single-family home with less hassle thanks to the services & amenities those buildings often have. Third, Surfside is an upscale community that is perfect for raising a family or for an oceanfront getaway in Miami. It is a perfect place to live thanks to the friendly people, the growing community, shops and restaurants, and the beaches. It offers a bit more peace and quiet from what some of the other areas offer. Surfside is known for having the best property values when buying a starter home this close to the ocean. It is not as pricey, bustling and busy as Bal Harbour, South Beach or Miami Beach. Still, those spots are just a short drive away for those who want that added level of excitement. The Town of Surfside itself operates a great community center located right on the beach along with tennis courts, public pools, meeting rooms, and a special Veteran’s recreation center plus sponsored special events and holiday programs. Surfside prides itself on local schools with Bay Harbor Elementary recently received an "A" rating. Nautilus Middle School is next as they grow and then children attend Miami Beach Senior High, locally known as ‘Beach High.’ Life can be a vacation when you have a home in Surfside. Even if you are working in Miami, you can have the feeling of being on a permanent vacation when you live here in one of the luxury condos of Surfside. They have features and amenities that make you feel far more like living in a resort rather than a typical Miami condominium. For example, many of the new condominium developments feature white glove services, a concierge, beach service, onsite fitness centers and Spas, bars, restaurants, private elevators, and more. They allow you to live in luxury in a true South Florida paradise. Of course, the buildings are just one of the reasons people are starting to flock to Surfside. The proximity to the beach, which is generally just a few steps from their building, is another reason. Surfside is also close to Bal Harbour and Sunny Isles Beachfor commuting to work or for play, as well.

The Market Continues to Grow in Surfside

Developers are renewing their interest in Surfside with a true vigor. They are finding a number of wonderful locations for complexes they can retrofit, as well as places they can build from the ground up. The reason they are so interested in these areas is that the demand for beachfront properties in the area is booming. It is a very exciting time for the developers, as well as the buyers who want a luxury property. The emerging market also happens to be very good news for the economy of Surfside. The businesses there are thriving today thanks to the influx of new residents, and it looks as though the future will be even brighter as more of these units are nearing completion.

$ 359,000 - 1 Bed 2 B
Condo \ Town Home A10655678
$ 1,075,000 - 2 Bed 3 B
Condo \ Town Home A10666641
$ 8,500,000 - 3 Bed 5 B
Condo \ Town Home A10629312
$ 845,000 - 2 Bed 2 B
Condo \ Town Home A10643949
$ 3,250,000 - 4 Bed 6 B
Condo \ Town Home A10238015
$ 8,250,000 - 3 Bed 5 B
Condo \ Town Home A10572332
$ 729,000 - 2 Bed 2 B
Condo \ Town Home A10646140
$ 375,000 - 1 Bed 2 B
Condo \ Town Home A10528699
$ 399,000 - 1 Bed 2 B
Condo \ Town Home A10649332

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