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History of Coral Gables

Coral Gables is one of the most impressive communities in all of South Florida. It was also one of the first planned communities in the country and included gates and a homeowner’s association, which was a first in the area. The impetus behind Coral Gables back in the early 1900s was the City Beautiful Movement that was starting to catch on around the country. The basic idea behind this movement was to incorporate some of the natural surroundings and green spaces with gorgeous and ornate architecture. The earliest days of the community saw resurgence in Mediterranean Revival architecture. Great architecture and the continued use of green spaces, trees, and beautiful plazas are major stylistic elements still in use & preserved today in the community.

The Early Development Days

The city went through its largest development phase during the 1920s under the guiding hand of George Edgar Merrick. He named the city after the home in which he grew up, and dedicated his life to making Coral Gables as beautiful and as aesthetically appealing as possible. To help with this, he included some of the best designers of the day, including artists, building architects, and landscape architects. By working closely with one another, they could develop a cohesive look to Coral Gables so all of the different areas flowed perfectly into one another and so they embodied the principles of the City Beautiful Movement. They made sure to include residential space, along with green parks and winding walking trails for residents to enjoy. Their goal was to turn Coral Gables into a little slice of paradise, and that’s just what they did.

After just a few years of development, Coral Gables became an incorporated city. At that time, there were more than 600 homes in the area, and it was on its way to becoming the community everyone knows and loves. The city grew quickly, and by 1926, it included an impressive 10,000 acres and sales of property in the area were booming. In addition to creating homes in the area, Merrick also created the downtown area to give Coral Gables a commercial district. The main road in Coral Gables heads right through the commercial area, and that was one of the selling points then and now. Everything one might need is only a short distance away.

In the early days of the city, they had a trolley that would run throughout the city. The trolley was a nice addition and worked quite well until the popularity and widespread adoption of automobiles made it obsolete. However, the green movement over the past decade or so has given rise to a new form of public transportation. They have another trolley system that is free and that goes throughout the community, making it easier to get around without worrying about using their personal vehicles.

The WWII Era in Coral Gables

Coral Gables was an important part of World War II as well. During the war, a large number of soldiers, pilots, and mechanics from the military underwent training in the area. They also lived in many of the unoccupied buildings in Coral Gable, such as the University of Miami. Places such as the famous Biltmore Hotel were important to the war effort as well. The Biltmore actually became an army hospital.

The Development of the Miracle Mile

In the 1950s, more development started to take place in Coral Gables, and a huge part of that was the Miracle Mile. Of course, Miracle Mile is only about half a mile long, but it became a major part of the downtown scene, and it still is today. This section of Coral Way stretches from Douglas Road and West 37th to LeJeune Road and West 42nd. The area is home to many different types of shops and eateries and is popular with locals as well as those visiting Coral Gables.

In the 1960s, some high rises started to go up in the area when they did away with the building height restrictions. This started to draw more people and more companies to the area. During this time, the architecture took on a different look. Since the companies and builders who were putting up new structures did not have to adhere to the Mediterranean Revival style, most of them didn’t. They created their own modern buildings. While these buildings might have looked great in their own right, they did not necessarily blend in well with the rest of the community.

In 1986, the city saw the adoption of an ordinance that would help to keep the aesthetics close to the original design scheme. The Mediterranean Architectural Ordinance can offer benefits and incentives to developers who do conform to the older aesthetics. Today, most of the buildings in the area feature the colors and basic designs of the Mediterranean style. Another ordinance, the Historic Preservation Ordinance, protects the buildings and monuments in the area that have historic significance.

Coral Gables Real Estate

One of the nice things about Coral Gables homes for sale are the diversity of options when it comes to finding the perfect property to purchase. Homebuyers who have all types of budgets can find something that will work for them in the area. It is still possible to find some truly great homes in the area for well under a million dollars. Of course, we also find impressive mansions, gated communities, luxury homes & luxury condos that are selling for more than ten million too.

Choose from historic homes that have been fixtures in the community for decades. Find new and modern high-rise condominiums with all of the latest features, as well as luxury mansions with more than enough room for a growing family. Gated homes are available, and it is even possible to find great waterfront homes located right on the water with adequate dock space for your boat.

With such diversity, it is easy to understand why so many people who move to the Miami area consider making their home in Coral Gables. It’s a gorgeous area with friendly people and wonderful housing options for families. Now could also be a good time to consider buying property in the area, but you will want to act quickly. Buying now could mean more savings on area homes with trends showing a strong local market.

While Coral Gables was a buyer’s market for the past couple of years, things are starting to change. The number of available homes in the area is starting to drop, and that means it will soon become a seller’s market, and the seller will have more leverage & power. This generally means the prices of the area homes & waterfront condos will continue going up as well. Great condominium options in the Gables include Ponce De Leon Condos, Segovia Tower and The Gables Club condos. Buyers should consider acting sooner rather than later if they have interest in Coral Gables real estate and want to make a purchase before the prices get too high and out of reach.

Coral Gables Offers Plenty for Residents Today

Coral Gables is a beautiful place to live, and many people feel it is one of the best places to live in the country thanks to the warm climate, the proximity of the ocean, and all of the wonderful places to go and things to do. Let’s look at some of the things that help to make this community such a wonderful place to live.

Whether someone is just visiting the area, or makes their home in Coral Gables, they’ll never run out of things to see and do. One of the popular spots to spend time is the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden. It features a wide range of different types of flowers and other plants. The Lowe Art Museum features a number of excellent exhibits, as does the Coral Gables Museum. The Venetian Pool is a wonderful, small water park that’s a great place to head when you need to beat the heat. Of course, the ocean is nearby as well, and you can always head there for a great afternoon with family.

The Deering Yacht and Country Club is a perfect place for residents to join. Play golf at the Biltmore Golf Course, and spend some time hanging out at Village of Merrick Park, a popular outdoor mall, to do some shopping. Residents who want to dine out will find a host of options available that will satisfy just about any craving. Visit restaurants that offer French, Italian, Japanese, Mediterranean, American, Caribbean, and more.

When you make your home in Coral Gables, you are close to the heart of Miami, and you can venture outside of your little community to head to all of the different locations around the metropolitan area. Check out the Miami sports teams, visit the nightlife and the beaches, and then come home to your piece of heaven in Coral Gables.

The community has a long and proud history, and it is still one of the most impressive and beloved areas to live in South Florida. Anyone searching for a new home in the Miami area should take some time to see what is available in Coral Gables. Become a part of one of the most beautiful and exciting spots in the country.

Coral Gables
$ 2,650,000 - 2 Bed 4 B
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Coral Gables
$ 1,399,000 - 3 Bed 4 B
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Coral Gables
$ 1,725,000 - 4 Bed 5 B
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$ 215,000 - 1 Bed 1 B
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Coral Gables
$ 2,295,000 - 3 Bed 4 B
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Coral Gables
$ 1,375,000 - 3 Bed 3 B
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Coral Gables
$ 9,000,000 - 4 Bed 8 B
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Coral Gables
$ 1,869,000 - 3 Bed 4 B
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Coral Gables
$ 1,199,000 - 3 Bed 4 B
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