Miami Beach Oceanfront Penthouse: The Most Prestigious of All Properties

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An Oceanfront Penthouse: The Most Prestigious of All Properties

If you’re looking for a trophy property, there’s really nothing that outdoes luxury penthouses. An oceanfront penthouse is the most desirable of these, of course, owing to the views and the expansive horizons you’ll be able to take in from your windows. For the ultimate in luxury living, a Miami Beach penthouse is often times the first choice for the most affluent of individuals.

Why a Miami Beach or Sunny Isles Penthouse?

If you’re in a penthouse in New York, you get a lot of beautiful city skyline. If you’re in a smaller city, you may get a bit of skyline and some natural scenery from your penthouse. If you’re in a Miami Beach penthouse, you’ll get the best of both, and will own some of the most spectacular views available from any oceanfront penthouse in the world from the Atlantic Ocean sunrise to the Biscayne Bay sunsets to the sparkling City lights down below.

Miami has a huge skyline. This is yet a very large city with incredibly beautiful architecture and, when it sparkles at night, you can almost feel the pulse of this vibrant city through the windows high above. In an oceanfront penthouse, you can take in these magnificent views and, when you want something a bit more laid back, turn toward the Atlantic and take in all the majesty of this vast blue ocean. During the day, you’ll be treated to the site of ever changing sunrises and watch yachts being taken out for pleasure along with huge ships from the port playing the waters and keeping the economy moving. During the night, you’ll sometimes get views of the moon that you’d wish you could keep with you forever, with occasional lightning storms that will take your breath away and a vista that literally spans to the curve of the world.

Choosing an Oceanfront Penthouse

Luxury condo penthouses mean that, quite literally, you’re on top of the world. You’re on the top floor of the building, you’re on the top of a luxury high-rise and, if you’ve made it this far up, you get the privilege of looking down on the world below from a spectacular vista in your trophy home. You might choose one of these as a premier penthouse in the very best luxury oceanfront towers such as Icon South Beach, Portofino Tower, Murano at Portofino, Fontainebleau, W South Beach, Capri South Beach, Bellini Bal Harbour, Acqualina, Jade Beach, Trump Palace and Turnberry Ocean Colony while afterwards figuring out how to outfit your luxury penthouses with state-of-the art televisions, Crestron technology systems and other equipment. More than likely, the experience of seeing the world from such a high perch will soothe your nerves, calm your mind and make you feel like you have some time to enjoy the good life. A Miami Beach penthouse situated on top of a luxury condo high rise will have many other benefits, as well.

Oceanfront Penthouse Amenities

When you head down the elevator to the lower floors, you’ll find that most of these luxury high rise condo buildings have the amenities that you’d expect at the leading hotels in the world. The difference is that you can use & enjoy them every day from your resident condo building. You can go to the business center and get caught up on work or go to the spa and get caught up on relaxation time. You can socialize at the restaurants and bars or enjoy some quiet time lounging on the beaches with an umbrella. If you have an oceanfront penthouse, of course, you can also just get some quiet time in your own home, on the top of the world. For the very best Miami Penthouses including South Beach, Miami Beach, Bal Harbor and Sunny Isles Beach penthouses, contact me today or visit the ‘Miami Beach Penthouse resource’ on

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W South Beach (2201 Collins Ave) Condo Hotel Deception & Lawsuits

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W Condo Hotel South Beach W South Beach construction drama arises from speculators noting substantial loss of value from inflated frenzy on a solid product. W South Beach IS one of a kind but with asking values averaging $1,968 per square foot for the month, the final product is now showing signs of distress from the speculator community (from 2006). The South Florida Business Journal published an article today on alleged deception in W Hotel South Beach (2201 Collins Avenue) with several unit owners suing for their deposits to be returned in their entireties. The alleged suit claims the developer promised 520+ units, larger sized units and a second pool at the stylish 420 unit condo hotel.

The biggest problem at the W right now is the values have declined so substantially, and nobody will lend on that,” said Dennis Freeman, a Miami Beach attorney handling one of the cases.– S. Florida Business Journal

Whether or not he’s referring to the resale values or the hotel room rates (or both) was undetermined but these speculators are asking for the full 20% deposit returned which is unlikely to occur in my opinion. The biggest issue seems to be fewer number rooms than promised as the total ownership is based on the total number of condo hotel units and that percentage of space is used to determine the amount of monthly maintenance costs. In this case and in my opinion, today’s maintenance fees are relatively consistent with other condo hotels of South Beach or approximately $1.50 psf. Other complaints are the smaller than promised “rooms,” a door connecting rooms not disclosed, the elimination of the second pool to the number of trees planted outside.

As of March 2010, 53 deeds were recorded through Miami Dade County out of 420 total W SoBe condo hotel units. W South Beach still a very desirable property and a known celebrity hangout. The newest & latest is typically the hottest in South Beach as was The Setai in 2007. I expect it to do just fine over the next 3 years as values catch up with the market or the market catches up with values.

Contact me direct for more information as needed.

W South Beach for sale | W South Beach for rent

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