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South Beach, Florida – Miami Beach Living at Its Finest.

SoFi Views SoBeSouth Beach, Miami is synonymous with warm, white sands, turquoise waters and incomparable nightlife.  It’s also know for its incredible Art Deco architecture, the number of luxury developments situated throughout the district and much more.  In fact, South Beach is one of the most popular areas in the world, both with vacationers and those seeking an amazing place to call home.

The area is home to a number of “districts” or areas.  For instance, South Pointe is the southernmost tip of the barrier island and is home to South Pointe Park, as well as some of the most luxurious condominium properties in Miami Beach.  The Art Deco District provides some of the most incredible sights, as well as options for shopping, dining and enjoying the warm nights of south Florida.

SoFi, or South of Fifth, is the area from Fifth Street to the southern tip of the island, and encompasses several main roads of the area.  Washington Avenue runs through the area, as does Collins Avenue.  Jefferson Avenue is home to Nine 45 Lofts, Meridian Lofts are found on Meridian Avenue, while the Murano at Portofino can be found on Alton Road, South of Fifth.  South Pointe Drive is home to the Portofino Tower, as well as Continuum North & South Towers. One of the most defining elements of South Beach, as well as greater Miami Beach is Lummus Park.  Running for 7 miles north and south, Lummus Park stops at Fifth Street in the south and just below 15th Street in the north.  This area is home to an incredible diversity of attractions and has been preserved for the use of city residents, rather than allowing condos or hotels to be built on this historic land.  Of course, South Beach offers several other parks, as well.

The area of South Beach remains one of the hottest, most rapidly growing in the nation.  With sparkling waters on both the east and the west, South Beach is the ideal location for those who crave tropical splendor.

The Elegance of South Beach Real Estate..

South Beach Miami has a well-earned reputation of refined living, an incredible nightlife and some of the best beaches in the world.  In fact, this area has become one of the prime destinations for international vacationers.  South Beach Miami real estate offers owners an opportunity to live, work and play in one of the world’s premier areas.

Here are a few things South Beach has to offer?

  • You’ll find that South Beach is home to the world’s largest collection of Art Deco buildings.  This was actually one of the reasons behind the renaissance the area experienced during the early 80’s, pulling a neglected neighborhood back from the brink of destruction and thrusting it into the international spotlight.
  • South Beach real estate is available in several flavors…  for instance, South Beach luxury condo developments dot the entire area, from the glorious South Pointe – SoFi areas and more.  South Beach real estate offers any potential resident the home and location of their dreams.
  • One of the reasons that South Beach has become such a haven is the incredible shopping, entertainment and dining options that abound here.  For example, the area is home to numerous art galleries and even an incredible art fair.  Top name designers have set up shop throughout the area, but those who love boutique shopping will find more than they might imagine, as well. Miami’s fine dining & 24/7 nightlife are unparallel.
  • Of course, the stunning beaches and Lummus Park are also enormous draws for the area, providing residents with incredible areas to play, all within sight of the pristine waters of the Atlantic Ocean.
  • For those who love to sample new cuisines, South Beach is home to an incredible fusion of different flavors, from American to Russian, from Cuban to European and everything in between.

South Beach Miami is an incredible place to call home, no matter what it is you demand from an area.

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