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Canyon Ranch Miami Beach Miami Beach real estate includes many of the most luxurious condos & homes in the nation. This community characterizes the image of Florida that most people hold in their minds. The beaches are long and covered with white sand. The climate is famously warm year-round and the ocean & waterway provides most of the recreational opportunities in this area of Miami Dade County. Miami Beach is a fun filled community, however, and it has far more to offer than resort activities and lounging in the sun. Miami Beach has become one of the more popular areas for individuals seeking upscale living options in a vibrant community.

Aside from the beaches, Miami Beach real estate is famous for the community in which it’s located. The community is home to the Art Deco district, where buildings designed in that architectural style line the streets. Many of the condominium properties feature particularly innovative architecture, as well, and allow residents to enjoy the natural beauty in a very cutting-edge atmosphere, in certain cases. These condominium properties have several other advantages that they offer to their residents, some of which make them ideal for those who need to have access to important resources, no matter how relaxing their immediate environs.

Miami Beach real estate options include dozens of different high rise condominium properties such as Canyon Ranch, Bath ClubMei, Mosaic, Nautica, Blue & Green Diamond & Roney Palace. These condos allow their residents postcard perfect beach front views, in many cases, and residents can walk from their oceanfront condos and be on the sand within a few steps. They also offer practical advantages as many of them are equipped to meet the needs of busy business people, with meeting facilities, WiFi and AV equipment available to guests. The major draw to this community, however, is luxury living, and most of these properties offer plenty of perks in that regard, many of them offering services at a five star level to all of their residents.

The Miami Beach real estate options that truly deserve to be described as luxury offer their residents a lot for their money. The majority of these developments offer their residents valet parking and concierge. Many of them have restaurants and bars on the premises. Some of them also include their own health spas, salons and other resort amenities. Those that are close to the beach most often include amenities suited to those who want to spend some time out in the sun enjoying the beautiful environment. Of course, there is ready access to most any water sport one wishes to enjoy, including yachting, sailing, diving, jet skis, kite surfing and others in the areas all around Miami Beach.

Real estate in this area also includes options which are more affordable than the very upscale high rise condos such as being on the Intracoastal. The community itself is safe and the streets of South Beach tend to be explosive with nightlife after the sun goes down. Close by are the major urban resources to be found in Miami and Ft. Lauderdale. This area has seen no decline in popularity over the years. Every year, over 1 million tourists come to see the Miami beaches and to enjoy the South Florida weather & water. Among the available areas for seaside living, Miami Beach is among the most popular place to call home.

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